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YT7S optical fiber cleaver

Panduit Part No.: YT-7S

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This YT7S optical fiber cleaver is available with a single fiber adapter for 250 to 900 micron coated single fibers.

It is a simple operation for the user to remove or install the single fiber adapter and alternate between mass and single fiber cleaving


  • Provides approximately 36,000 cleaves
  • Compact body& compact-sized weight
  • High Precision Cleaves (=0.5°C)
  • 250µm Coated or 900µm Buffer fiber
  • Singlemode or Multimode Use
  • 12/16 Position Rotatable and Replicable Blade
  • Typical cleave angle 0.8°
  • Optical fiber cutting face smooth
  • Simple Operation and portable carrying
  • Blade life: 36000 fibers (1,000 fibers X 12 edge positions x 3- step edge height
  • Blade is replacement and fiber holders are required according to the fiber applied
  • Integral to the unit is a cleave length scale which helps facilitate exact lengths during cleaving.

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