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ST washer style attenuator, 1 of each color, 5 colors

Mooseline Part No.: A450

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This washer style attenuator is designed for ST connectors. This pack includes one of each color: Red, Blue, Green, Gold and Silver.

The washer style attenuator is installed at the light source, spacing the mated connectors to cause attenuation.

The attenuators of various thicknesses are not assigned specific dB values, several factors will dictate actual loss. The attenuation table below is for reference.

Color vs Attenuation

  • Red: 2.5dB (850nm), 7.4dB (1300nm)
  • Blue: 3.6dB (850nm), 9.1dB (1300nm)
  • Green: 4.8dB (850nm), 10.2dB (1300nm)
  • Gold: 5.5dB (850nm), 11.3dB (1300nm)
  • Silver: 6dB (850nm), 11.7dB (1300nm)


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