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Deluxe Bobtail Connector Installation Kit for Singe Mode and Multimode Bobtail Connectors

Mooseline Part No.: F1-00UNBTKITSMPFL

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The Bobtail Installation Kit includes all the consumables and tools necessary for field termination of Bobtail connectors.

When used in conjunction with the VFL (visual fault locator), it allows for active optimization of the connector before epoxy application.

Items In This Tool Kit:

Part No. Descriptioni Quantity
F1-LYNX LYNX High Precision Fiber Cleaver 1
F1-00SUNBTH Universal Sliding Bobtail Holding Fixture for SC, ST, LC 1
F1-BTXY Quickset Connector Adhesive 1
F1-1301T Fiber Stripping Tool 1
F1-6702 Dry Wipes 1
F1-0007 4oz. Bottle of Alcohol 1
F1-7020C Connector Reel Cleaner 1
F1-00-TIP Syringe Tips 6
F1-9000 Pen Shape Pocket Visual Fault Locator (VFL) 1
Assorted SM and MM Patchcords 3

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