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AFL FuseConnect Installation Kit for: FSM 17S-FH/R,18S/R, 50R12, 60S/R12

AFL Part No.: S014492

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AFL S014492 FuseConnector Installation Kit for: 17S, 17R, 18S, 18R, 50R12, 60S, 60R12

AFL's FuseConnect› Installation Kit is for only the following splicers that have fiber holders: FSM-17S-FH, FSM-17R, FSM-18S, FSM-18R, FSM-50R12, FSM-60S, FSM-60R12.† The heater is used to secure the boot to the fused on connector.

Kit Contents:

  • Tube heater & mounting bracket & power cable
  • 3mm holder & clamps
  • 2mm holder & clamps
  • 900µm holder
  • Transfer tool


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