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POP 'N' WORK Spacesaver Fiber Optic Splicing Tent 10' x 8' - Single Door

POP'N'WORK Part No.: 979710S

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The POP 'N' WORK Spacesaver fiber optic splicing tent with floor is made of tough urethane coated polyester fabric. Fiber optic splicing tent has a polyester floor with velcro along all four edges. The tent also has velcro along the bottom edge on all four sides. Floors with corner ties are available for all tents.

When Pop 'N' Work Spacesaver tents are folded for storage, the length is much shorter than the standard Pop 'N' Work GS tents. Three new design features make this possible. Another important feature of Spacesaver splicing tent is that it can be set over a cable or pipe.

Spacesaver tents have the same sturdy design and long life as standard Pop 'N' Work tents. Setup is still quick and simple. Spacesavers can also have either one or two doors, as well as all the other Pop 'N' Work features. This can include zipper doors, rollup doors, polewrap doors, quick-pak flaps, easy cover replacement, thick fabric that does not distort colors and much more.


  • The Spacesaver roof struts are approximately 25% shorter. This also makes the tent even more stable for windy conditions. It still leaves plenty of headroom for a roomy work area.
  • The front and back walls of the spacesaver tents are vertical, rather than sloped. This feature helps shorten a folded Spacesaver, and also adds to the roominess of the tent.
  • Just like the standard POP 'N' WORK GS models, the back wall of the Spacesaver tent is fastened to a ground strut. On standard tents, the ground strut is one-piece. On Spacesavers this strut is split at mid-point and has a connecting sleeve. The split strut makes it possible to fold a tent to a shorter length, plus a Spacesaver tent can be set over a cable or pipe.


  • Set Up Size: 10' x 8'
  • Folded Size: 9" Dia. X 74"
  • Weight: 60 lbs

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