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661X Diamond Lapping Film - 1µm Grit - Lavender Color - 5" Disc. Pack of 25 pcs sheet.

3M Part No.: DLF5XN01661X

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Precisely graded diamond particles coated on a 2 mil (0.051 mm) thick polyester film provide a consistent, repeatable finish on extremely hard materials.

Applications include fiber optic connector processing, flat lapping, super finishing, etc.

This is a pack of 25 pcs sheet.


  • Color: Lavender
  • Micron Grade: 1µm
  • Substrates: Ceramic, glass, stone, carbide, composites, exotic alloys and other hard to grind materials.
  • Converted Form: 5" Disc
  • Bonding Resins: Medium hardness resin
  • 1um Diamond Film
  • 5” Disc
  • Long life & produces high yields
  • Reduces overall process time & produces superior surface finish
  • Eliminates slurries
  • Consistent results throughout life of product

3M™ Diamond Lapping Films are comprised of tightly graded diamond mineral uniformly coated on a polyester film backing. Enables long abrasive life with a superior finish throughout the life of the product. Available with or without PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) backing.



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