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Singlemode / Multimode Universal ULTRA splice

FOSCO (Fiber Optics For Sale Co.) Part No.: US-126

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This ULTRAsplice is a high performance, easy to install reusable mechanical splice. It accepts fiber buffer sizes from 250-900µm.

The typical splice loss is <0.2 dB and return loss <-50 dB with fiber retention of over 2 lbs.

Cleave, insert the fibers, and secure by twisting a locking nut. Meets and exceeds Telcordia specifications.

You only need a fiber stripper, fiber cleaver, and an optional visual fault locator. No special tools are needed.


  • The ULTRAsplice is for 125µm clad fiber in single-mode and multimode applications. The splice accepts any combination of buffer sizes from 250um to 900µm. The average loss is less than 0.2dB with fiber retention of over 2 lbs.
  • Cleave and insert fibers while checking location in the glass capillary, secure by twisting a locking nut.
  • The patented ULTRAsplice is a high performance, cost-effective, mechanical fiber optic splice that is reusable and easy to install for emergency or permanent installations.
  • The splice features a patented glass capillary alignment tube, pre-loaded with index matching gel, to allow inspection of fiber location during installation. Additionally, the collet locking nuts allow users to adjust and secure the fiber for optimum alignment and retention.
  • The ULTRASplice is a fully mechanical fiber optic splice for single-mode and multimode splicing. No fixtures or special tools are required and they are tunable and reusable.
  • Ultrasplice Spec Sheet (pdf)




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