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Replacement Blade for OFT-000 Mid Access Tool - Set of 4 Blades

Corning Cable Systems Part No.: OFT-001

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This is the replacement blade for OFT-000 mid-access tool.

  • Replacement blades for the OFT-000 Mid Span Access Tool
  • Slits buffer tubes from 2.4mm to 3.0mm
  • Buffer tube will be split into 2 halves

The Corning OFT-000 Optical Fiber Access Tool is used to access fibers in a buffer tube in a mid-span location with or without slack. Optical Fiber Access Tool (OFAT) is designed to split a buffer tube to expose the fibers inside without damaging them. This tool utilizes blades mounted in two precisely machined grooves to cut the buffer tubes. The smaller groove cuts buffer tubes 2.4-2.6mm (0.094"-0.102") in diameter while the larger groove cuts buffer tubes 2.7-3.1mm (0.106"-0.122") in diameter.



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