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3M Dynatel 1420 iD EMS Marker Locator Read/Write

3M Part No.: 1420

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3M Dynatel 1420-iD Electronic Marker System (EMS) Marker Locator is a microprocessor-based systems that incorporate advanced digital signal processing techniques to quickly and efficiently locate underground facilities even years after construction or maintenance.

Designed to be more accurate, faster and more integrated than ever before, the 3M Dynatel EMS iD Marker Locators allow you to accurately and easily.

  • Locate, read and write to ID markers
  • Pin-point the exact depth and location of all existing models of properly installed underground passive EMS markers
  • Direct depth reading of ID markers
  • Locate two different marker frequencies simultaneously

A new feature exclusive to the 3M Dynatel EMS iD Marker Locators is the ability to read, write and lock programmed information into the new 3M 1400 Series EMS iD Ball Markers. Information such as a pre-programmed unique identification number, facility data, owner information, application type, placement date and other details from up to 100 ID markers can all be read, stored with date/time stamp and transmitted back to your PC through a standard RS232 serial port for enhanced resource management.

3M Dynatel EMS iD Marker Locators are unaffected by metal conduit or pipe, metallic conductors, fences, AC power or electronic markers for other utilities. Multiple ID markers located at close proximity can be read individually using the new system.

Lightweight and compact, the 3M Dynatel EMS iD Marker Locators are rugged, ergonomic and require very little operator training. A large backlit digital liquid crystal display (LCD) screen and soft-key operation make them easy to understand and use for more precise locates. A memory feature remembers operator set-up from previous use. A standard RS232 communications port allows interfacing to an external computer for uploading/downloading of data, unit configuration and remote software upgrades. The system can run over 25 hours on eight AA alkaline batteries.


  • Receiver Size: 10.25" x 4.7" x 30"
  • Receiver Weight: 4 lbs
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
  • Storage Temperature: -20°C to +70°C
  • Regulatory: CE
  • Standard: IP54
  • Marker Compatibility: All 3M markers (telephone, gas, CATV, power, water, wastewater and general purpose)
  • Dual Marker Mode: Any two marker frequencies simultaneously
  • Detection Range: Exceeds maximum marker depth specification
  • Marker read range: 5 ft. (1.5 m) to all ID ball markers
  • Marker write range:1 ft. (30 cm)
  • Marker depth measurement accuracy: +/- 10% +/- 2 in. (5 cm) up to marker depth specifications
  • Display type: Backlit graphic liquid crystal display (LCD) screen
  • Marker depth memory storage: Five with date/time stamp
  • Power: Battery type: eight AA size, alkaline Typical battery life: 25 hours
  • Display: Large graphic high-contrast LCD with backlight
  • Speaker: 0.25
  • Headphone Jack: Standard mini-jack
  • Serial port: Standard RS232 serial with DB9 connector

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