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PLP Coyote Expanded Runt Closure (8.5" x 4.25" x 14.75") holds 4 splice trays, up to 48 single fiber

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8006794

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Preformed Line Products (PLP) Expanded Runt Closure (8.5" x 4.25"x 14.75") holds 4 splice trays, up to 48 single fiber splices, includes LOCK-TAPE› Sealant, Bond Brackets, and Transport Tubing.

The latest and smallest addition to the COYOTE Family of fiber optic closures is just what you need for your fiber distribution networks.

At 14.75" (37.47cm) long, 8.5" (21.59 cm) wide and 3" (7.62 cm) high, [4.25" (108 mm) for the expanded version], the COYOTE RUNT Closure will easily fit into most pedestals and hand holes. However, the rugged design (meets Bellcore GR-771-CORE) of this closure allows it to be used in all environments; aerial, buried and underground, and it is UL approved for building applications.

Cable ports

There are three molded-in cable entry ports, with the center entry being larger to accept standard COYOTE End Plate Grommets (optional). Grommets are available to accept a number of small diameter node or drop cables.

Uniquely versitile

The versatile fiber management system is molded into the bottom shell half, and provides separate areas for routing and protecting the buffer tubes from loose cables or the bare fibers from unitube type cables.

These unique features make it easy and convenient to handle splicing of loose tube and unitube cables in the same closure. In addition, space is provided for "expressing" buffer tubes or bare fibers in mid-sheath node or drop applications.

The individual 12-count Splice Tray Kits used in the COYOTE RUNT Closure are compatible with the COYOTE PUP Closure to allow for future upgrading to a COYOTE PUP Closure or even to a 6" or 8.5" COYOTE Closure. This upward compatibility between closures in the COYOTE Family is unique in the industry.

Download Preformed Line Products (PLP) Coyote RUNT Closure Spec Sheet



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