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Fiber Optic Testing, Troubleshooting and Documentation

Light Brigade Part No.: F1-4650CDR

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Today's fiber technician needs to be well versed on the various measurement instruments available and the procedures used in the practical testing of fiber optic networks. Fiber Optic Testing, Troubleshooting and Documentation will help you to understand the wide variety of fiber optic test equipment available as well as the importance of complete testing and documentation of optical components when designing, installing, operating and maintaining a fiber optic network.


  • Types of test equipment:
    • OTDR:
      • Main frame
      • Mini
      • Fault finder
    • Light sources, power meters & optical loss tests
    • Talk sets
    • Variable attenuators
    • Visual tracers
    • Microscopes
    • Reflectometers
  • The various roles of test equipment and their operation:
    • Acceptance testing
    • Span Testing
    • Maintenance
    • Restoration
  • Test documentation
  • Restoration strategies
  • Restoration kits
  • Fault location techniques


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