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Fiber Optic LEDs, Lasers, and Detectors

Light Brigade Part No.: TLB-W-5LG

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Fiber Optic LEDs, Lasers and Detectors covers the active components used in transmitters and receivers to convert electrical circuits to optical circuits and vice versa. It addresses the components and their operation, wavelength compatibility, cost issues, packaging and industry trends. Newer technologies such as tunable lasers, optical amplifiers and Vertical Cavity Surface Emitter Lasers (VCSELs) are included.


  • Types and functions of LEDs, lasers and detectors
  • How LEDs, lasers and detectors work Applications
  • Operation issues
  • Analog and digital issues
  • LEDs
    • Edge and surface emitters
  • Lasers
    • Fabry-Perot, DFB, tunable
    • EDFA & SOA optical amplifiers
    • Classifications
    • Safety
  • VCSELs
  • Detectors
    • APDs, PINs, PIN-FETS, hybrids
    • Materials
    • Issues
  • Transceivers
    • Packages
    • Designs
    • Standards
  • Modules & transmitters
  • System performance budgets


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