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Fiber Optic System Design

Light Brigade Part No.: TLB-W-5LN

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The careful design of fiber systems is critical to reliable, long term operation. Fiber Optic System Design shows how to design a fiber transmission system that will suit your requirements now and for years to come. The video/CD-ROM focuses on the issues in designing local, metropolitan and wide area networks. Areas covered include the physical layout and calculating loss budgets for multimode and singlemode networks.


  • Local Area Networks (LANs):
    • Topologies
    • Fiber selection
    • Connector selection
    • System issues
    • Routing issues
    • System loss budgets
    • Fiber To The Desk (FTTD)
    • Hubs, patch panels and media outlets
  • Wide Area Networks (WANs) and Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs):
    • Topologies
    • Fiber Selection
    • Connector and Splice Issues
    • Closures and distribution panels
    • Manholes, handholes, and vaults
    • Route redundancy issues
    • System loss budgets
    • Restoration planning through design
    • Fiber To The Curb (FTTC)
    • Future flexibility
    • System Issues


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