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How To Perform an Optical Loss Budget

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When designing a fiber optic system, one of the most important design elements to know is the Optical Loss Budget. This is a detailed calculation of the optical power available at the output of the transmitting source, the optical power required at the receiver's detector and dissipation or attenuation of optical power in the optical path between transmitter and receiver. In essence, the optical loss budget is a statement of how the available optical power will be used. In How to Perform an Optical Loss Budget, you'll learn to do optical loss budgets for Local Area Networks (LAN) per the TIA/EIA-568A/B standard, Wide Area Networks WAN) in telecommunications and CATV networks using singlemode fiber. In addition, "not to exceed" loss budgets for contractors are demonstrated.


  • System design process:
    • Transmission system
    • Media type multimode & singlemode fibers
    • Physical plant examples
    • Fiber optic transmit & receive equipment
    • Types, options & limitations
  • Loss budgeting examples (step by step demonstration):
    • Local Area Networks (LAN)
    • Attenuation & bandwidth examples
    • Examples using 50/125 and 62.5/125 fibers
    • "Not to Exceed" loss budgets for contractors
    • Singlemode fiber links
    • Analog CATV link in a hybrid fiber-coax application
    • Optical amplifiers & splitters
  • Review of design outputs:
    • Wavelengths
    • Fiber structures
    • Transmitters lasers, LEDs & VCSELs
    • Receiver PIN & SPDs
    • Physical plant losses
    • Manufacturer options


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