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Wilcom MTRJ Visual Fault Locator for Multimode Application

Wilcom Part No.: F6240

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Model F6240 Visual Fault Locator (VFL) is an indispensable tool forfinding breaks and tight bends in optical fibers. It operates on two 1.5V AAalkaline batteries keeping the overall size to a minimum while providinglong battery life. The VFL output is a red (650nm) laser providing visibilityto 3 km.

The F6240 incorporates a fixed male MT-RJ duplex receptacle, andindependently launches -4dBm ( 400mW), 650nm visible red laser intochannel A or channel B fibers for quick and convenient continuity testing.Unlike many VFLs, the F6240 features a choice of continuous ormodulated output, and a "low battery" indicator.

This valuable tool is one that all installers, and maintenance personnelshould have in their tool kit. It is the most economical test tool for quicklyverifying continuity, checking the validity of patch cables before or afterinstallation, test and find breaks in LANs, verifying short lengths ofinstalled fiber, or looking for cracked fiber in splice cases, bad connectors,tight bends in fiber cable, backbone breaks or anywhere light continuityneeds checking.

Download Product Spec Sheet:

Wilcom F6240 Pocket Visual Fault Locator Spec Sheet (PDF)



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