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15 boxes of 140 pcs KimTech Science Kimwipes(34256), 14in x 16in Delicate Task Wipers

Kimberly-Clark Part No.: 34-256C

  • $ 358.00 or
  • per case

This lint-free 1 ply white wipers provides a very economical solutions for fiber and ferrule endface cleaning.


  • This item cantains 15 boxes. Each box contains 140 pcs of 14.7" x 16.6" wipers.


  • Disposable lint-free Kimwipes
  • Soft, gentle, absorbent lint-free wipes for light-duty tasks
  • Easily picks up liquid and dust without scratching fragile surfaces
  • Economical delicate task wipers are soft, non-abrasive and are considered safe for use on most delicate surfaces
  • Made from 100% virgin wood fiber


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