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Freedm Fan-out Cables, Laser-Optimized 50/125 µm Multimode (Pretium 300/OM3)

Corning Part No.: 002T6F-31180-24

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Corning Cable Systems OFNR FREEDM Fan-out Cables utilize flame-retardant, 900 nm TBII Buffered Fiber subunits surrounded by water-resistant, dielectric strength members and protected by a flexible, flame-retardant outer jacket.

These cables meet the application requirements of the National Electrical Code (NEC Article 770) and are OFNR and FT-4 listed.

These cables are ideal for routing inside/outside buildings into riser spaces, to security, surveillance or monitoring cameras, and within telecommunications rooms and workstations.

  • Indoor/outdoor temperature- and water-resistant performance provides superior environmental protection
  • No need for transition splice entering a building
  • Easily terminated 2.9 mm subunits enable field terminations
  • 900 nm TBII Buffered Fibers enable easy, consistent stripping
  • Small diameter and bend radius allow easy installation in space-constrained areas
  • Available in single-mode and multimode fibers
  • All-dielectric cable construction requires no grounding or bonding
  • Availability with approval for TEMPEST applications
  • Listed OFNR and FT-4
  • ICEA S-104-696 tests

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