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Freedm LST Gel-free Cables, Laser-Optimized 50/125 Multimode (Pretium 300/OM3), 6-fibers

Corning Part No.: 006TSF-T4180D20

  • $ 2.15 or
  • per foot

Fiber Optic Cable Features:

  • 6-F 50/125 OM3 LT IN/OUT RISER 3.0/1.0 DB/KM 1500/500 MHZ*KM FREEDM LST
  • FREEDM LST(tm) Single-Tube, Gel-Free Cable, Riser, 6 F, 50m multimode (OM3)
  • Riser rating; No transition splices when entering buildings
  • Gel-free waterblocking technology; Craft-friendly cable preparation
  • Color-coded fibers; Quick and easy identification
  • All-dielectric construction; Requires no grounding or bonding
  • UV-resistant,flame-retardant jacket; Rugged, durable and easy to strip

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