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Greenlee Handyman Gloves (D) Large

Greenlee Part No.: 0358-13L

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Product Features

  • Reinforced index/thumb web minimizes friction caused by gripping and pulling
  • Spandex back with padded knuckles and fingers protects against bumps and knocks
  • 1-1/2-Inch woven elastic cuff with a hook and loop strap keeps the cuff secure
  • Lycra side panels on each finger provide extra flexibility

Product Description

  • About The Greenlee 0358-13L Handyman Gloves, Large - Black The Greenlee 0358-13L Handyman
  • Gloves are constructed from premier quality materials and are created to offer the best possible dexterity, comfort, and protection.
  • The Greenlee 0358-13L Handyman Gloves make use of state of the art moisture management fabric that keeps your hands dry by removing sweat.
  • The Greenlee 0358-13L Handyman Gloves also utilize high density foam padding to offer better vibration and impact absorption.
  • These extraordinary gloves also feature double stitched wear pads on the fingers and palms to provide added durability and a longer life.
  • To prevent tearing at the seam the Greenlee 0358-13L Handyman Gloves incorporate reinforced pull tabs that make taking the gloves on/off a breeze.
  • The Greenlee 0358-13L Handyman Gloves also have stretch panels that offer additional comfort and dexterity.
  • A molded hook and loop strap has been worked into the design as well to provide easy adjustment for optimal c


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