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USCONEC IBC Cleaner M250 (SC, ST, FC, E2000, Optitap, and Harsh Environment 2.5mm Connectors)

TLC Part No.: 13310

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The US Conec 13310 IBC Brand Fiber Optic Cleaner M250 is designed to clean connectors residing in an adapter, faceplate or unmated connectors.

This rugged single fiber cleaner handles large surface area 2.5mm cleaning for SC, ST, FC, E200, MIL 83526 and other harsh environment connectors

Contaminates such as alcohol, water, skin oil, vegetable and hand lotion residue as well as graphite and t-shirt lint are lifted from the connector end face.

Each IBC Brand Cleaner M250 provides over 525 engagements per unit.

>> Download USCONEC IBC Cleaner M250 Customer Drawing (PDF)

IBC Brand Cleaner M250 Features:

  • 525+ cleaning per unit
  • Cleans SC, ST, FC, E2000 and OptiTap›‡ connectors with PC and APC polishes
  • Cleans connectors loaded in a bulkhead adapter and on unmated cable assemblies
  • Cleans harsh environment 2.5mm based connector systems - TFOCA
  • Cleans plug and socket termini
  • 1.8mm cleaning region
  • RoHS compliant


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