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1RU 3X High Density Breakout Cassette Enclosure, Unloaded-Off White

Fosco Connect Part No.: F1RM1RU3XHD

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The High Density Breakout Cassette, 1RU Enclosure provides a high density plug and play solution within data center infrastructure. It offers a secure breakout point from multi-fiber MPO trunk cables to duplex LC patch cables. This modular platform provides a convenient, rapid deployment solution when installing MPO trunk cables and breakout positions within a network. Install up to (3) 3X HD Breakout Cassettes for a total of 144 fibers loaded in to the 1RU enclosure.

The enclosure is designed to fit into standard 19" racks. Integrated mounting adapter brackets extend out past the front and back of the enclosure to assist with incoming fiber management. A fiber lacing bar is also included along the back of the enclosure to route fibers. Both front and rear doors are easily removable and provide uninhibited access to the cassettes fiber connections. Standard color is off-white, also available in black.

  • 1RU, 19" Rack Enclosure
  • Holds (3) 3X HD Breakout Cassettes, Up to 144 Fibers
  • Integrated Cable MGMT Brackets
  • Removable Front/Back Doors
  • Off-White Color


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