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3M™ Fibrlok™ II Splice and Holder with Built-In Actuator

3M Part No.: 2539

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Fibrlok II splice/holder 2539 from 3M integrates the splice, actuation tool, and holder in one package.

For 250- and 900-µm tight buffer fiber, it enables fast on-site installation of single-mode fiber-to-the-premises connections without the need for an assembly tool.

Designed for the final drop to the house or for the restoration of a broken fiber, it can be used inside or outside buildings and at wall outlets, fiber distribution units, terminals, and network interface devices.

The user inserts the fibers into the device and presses the actuation button, forcing the clamping surfaces against them, aligning them, and locking them into place.

Note: 2539 does NOT require the 2501 tool for assembly.



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