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AFL NOYES 2.5mm adapter, VFL port. Compatible With FlexScan, FLX380, OFL280, M710, C850 And M700

AFL Part No.: 2900-53-0001MR

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Please Note: This is for the VFL port ONLY. It will not work on the OPM port.


AFL’s (original called Noyes) 2.5 mm Universal adapter for the VFI (visual fault identifier/locator) port on the AFL's OFL250 OTDR.

Compatible With FlexScan, FLX380, OFL280, M710, C850, And M700.

You can insert FC, ST, SC connectors into this port and get a red laser output as a visual fault locator to identify macro bending, fiber breakage, leakage in a fiber.

Test ports on FlexScan (FS200) and FlexTester (FLX380, OFL280, CS260) handheld OTDRs are equipped with tool-free switchable adapters, which can be changed in seconds.

The fast change switchable adapters allow OTDR, Optical Light Source (OLS), Optical Power Meter (OPM), and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) ports to connect to launch cables and jumpers having a variety of connector styles.

This adapter is for the VFL port only.



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