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CT120/R Cable Transit-Fireclamp-Round (2")

Abesco Part No.: 31938

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Mounting flanges included

Part of the 'Abesco fireclamp system', CT120 Cable Transits are designed to prevent the spread of fire from one compartment to another where electrical, data, and communication cables penetrate through separating walls and floors.

Abesco CT120 Cable Transits consist of a square section steel sleeve, which contains the heat reactive intumescent material. The unit has an integral hinged top which provides an easy retro-fit option where cables are pre-installed.

Abesco CT Mounting Plates provide a quick and easy method of installing single or multiple CT120 Cable Transit.... even in drywall partitions.

Why use Abesco CT120 Cable Transits

* Manufactured to ISO 9001:2000
* Corrosion resistant - suitable for use in aggressive environments
* Certification for a wide range of cables
* Available in a range of sizes
* Very easy to install and provides total flexibility in cable routing
* Abesco graphite intumescent is unaffected by moisture

Where to use Abesco CT120 Cable Transits

Abesco CT120 Cable Transits are suitable for use in any building where electrical, data, or communication cables penetrate through fire rated compartment floors and walls, including drywall.

Typical types of buildings where Abesco CT120 Cable Transits are commonly used are :

Banking and finance buildings, data processing centers, TV and media studios, apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, airports, retail centers etc.

What happens in a Fire Situation

When exposed to the heat of a fire, the graphite based intumescent material contained in the Abesco CT120 Cable Transits expands rapidly to close and seal the inside of the sleeve, preventing the spread of fire from one compartment to another.



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