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Ideal Rotary Armored Cable Cutter with Lever

Ideal Industries Part No.: 35782

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The Sir Nickless Armored Cable Cutter is the most precise cutter in the market today.

Nicks in armored cable wire insulation are unneccessary and can cause call backs, rework, or arc faults. The 35-782 Sir Nickless protects wires by drawing them down, creating air space. This allows the blade to sever the casing with no damage to the internal wiring.

Using ordinary armored cutters, Southwire MCAP cables are hard to cut with no nicks in the wires. The Ideal patented design keeps wires tight against the bottom wall which results in less nicking.

35782 Features:

  • Specifically designed to work on MCAP Fast, precise cuts in just a few spins of the handle
  • Aircraft aluminum construction for high strength and ultra light weight
  • Compact design and light weight facilitates easy storage in your tool bag
  • Precision depth stop Generous frame to handle clearance allows comfortable usage with work gloves
  • Blue steel & aluminum armor cutting blade won't damage internal conductors
  • Cam lock automatically holds cable in place High strength steel crank and axles for long service
  • Works on all popular types of armored cable up to 3/8 of an inch in diameter:
    • AC
    • BX
    • MC
    • Greenfield
    • MCAP

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