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QuickPort Quad 106 Insert (Fits Any Standard NEMA Duplex Faceplate), Mfr Leviton

Leviton Part No.: 41087-QXP

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QuickPort Quad 106 Insert (Fits Any Standard NEMA Duplex Faceplate), Mfr Leviton

>> Applications:

Field-configurable housings in several NEMA styles that accept all individual QuickPort† snap-in modules. Use to support multimedia applications where a flush-mount electrical-wallplate look is desired, or where there will be multiple devicesor a combination of electrical and voice/data devicesunder a multi-gang wallplate.

>> Download Product Spec Sheet:

>> Product Features:

  • Four color choices (Ivory, White, Gray, Black).
  • Fits within minimum NEMA openings.
  • Compatible with all individual QuickPort modules.
  • Brass threaded insert for wallplate screw facilitates installation.
  • The TR Plus version accommodates IEEE 802.5 token ring connectors in a NEMA-style housing.
  • Narrow module width allows high port density in a small area.
  • The Quad 106 features a built-in termination station.

>> Physical Specifications:


  • Quad 106: 1-4 ports. Duplex 106: 1-2 ports
  • TR Plus: 1-2 ports w/token ring connector capability


  • High-impact, fire-retardant plastic rated UL 94V-0


  • Quad 106: 1.3"W x 4.1"H x 1.178" D (loaded)
  • Duplex 106: 1.5"W x 4.1"H x 1.2" D (loaded)
  • TR Plus 106: 1.5"W x 4.1"H x 1.2" D (loaded)

>> Design Considerations:

  • Use where an electrical-outlet look & flush-mounting are important.
  • Fits most locations where NEMA duplex opening exists (including floor monuments, access floor boxes, power poles, pokethrough fixtures, etc.).
  • Gangable in single or multiple gangs.
  • If ganged with electrical devices, a barrier box must be used.
  • The TR Plus accommodates IEEE 802.5 token ring connectors.
  • Put blanks (41084-B*B) in unused ports for future expansion.
  • Specify port identification method (colored modules, designation labels, and custom silkscreening are available). To ID ports, use different colored jacks for each application (full selection of TIA/ EIA-606 compatible colors13 available), or Leviton's preprinted Port Designation Labels. (Part #: 41080 LXB)


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