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SC Simplex, Multimode, for 900µm Tight Buffer and 3mm Jacketed Fiber, Beige Boot - Leviton Fast-Cure

Mooseline Part No.: 49990MSC

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SC Simplex, Multimode, for 900µm Tight Buffered and 3mm Jacketed Fiber, Beige Boot - Leviton Fast-Cure Connector

Obtain the most robust connections using the Leviton FAST-CURE connectors. An anaerobic fiber optic field-installable connector avaliable in ST, SC, and LC styles. Fiber types avaliable are OM3 10G Multimode, Mulitmode and Single Mode.


Fast-Cure connectors are designed for indoor and outdoor applications where reliability, durability, and ease of installation are an important consideration. Typical installations are in premise LAN environments, or anywhere adhesive-style connectors are specified.

Product Specifications and Instructions:

The Leviton Fast-Cure anaerobic adhesive-style fiber optic connector shall meet or exceed the requirements described in TIA-568-C.3 and 604 standards. Typical connector Insertion Loss shall be 0.2dB. Typical connector Return Loss shall be greater than 25dB (multimode) and 55dB (single mode).

Product Features:

  • Typical termination in less than two minutes
  • Low insertion loss connection
  • Higher fiber retention than mechanical connectors
  • No curing oven or proprietary tool required
  • Compatible with MOS, QuickPort, Opt-X, and LightSpace adapter plates
  • Accessory for duplex clip sold separately

Design Considerations:

  • Single-mode and multimode versions
  • Precision pre-radiused zirconia ferrules
  • Supports 900 µm buffered fiber or 3 mm jacketed fiber
  • High cable retention crimp for jacketed fiber
  • Recommended for indoor and outdoor usage
  • Body of ST and FC connectors are metal


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