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4 Channel Multimode Stratos HMA Jam Nut Bulkhead

Emerson Part No.: 632-00101-01

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4 Channel Multimode Stratos HMA Jam Nut Bulkhead

Stratos HMA Expanded Beam connectors are available in 1 to 4 channels, multimode or singlemode. They utilize a hermaphroditic interconnection with advanced expanded beam technology. The HMA connectors are rugged designed and field repairable. Order HMA cable assemblies built to your custom requirements.

The Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions HMA connector series is a small hybrid connector suited for a vast array of applications, including broadcast, military communications, industrial and petrochemical. The innovative designs ensure its ability for deployment in the toughest environments where high performance and total reliability are critical.

Benefiting from Stratos expanded beam technology, with along and proven industry track record, the precision optical alignment system creates immunity from water, mud, dust oil and other contaminants.

The HMA Hermaphroditic coupling eliminates the need for adaptors and male and female mating halves. Hermaphroditic housings allow for rapid deployment, creating low loss Single mode, Multimode and Hybrid daisy chained links in a variety of plan forms ranging from simplex fiber to a copper Hybrid.

The HMA is ideally suited for environmental extremities where low maintenance and quick reparability is necessary, the connectors are uniquely field installable and rapidly field repairable.

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Key Features and Benefits:

  • Advanced expanded beam technology
  • Hermaphroditic interconnection
  • 1 to 4 Fiber channels Single mode or Multimode
  • Hybrid electrical & fiber channel options available
  • Rugged field repairable connector design keyed boot for 'Blind Mating'
  • Best optical performance available
  • No adaptors necessary
  • Inexpensive, low downtime field repair
  • Easy clean, no special tools
  • Termination in <30 minutes
  • Designed to meet requirements of MIL83526/MIL20/MIL21


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