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ARMADILLO Stainless Steel Closure Kit With Bonding 12.5" X28"
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ARMADILLO Stainless Steel Closure Kit With Bonding 12.5" X28"

Preformed Line Products Part No.: 8006219

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These versatile splice cases will accommodate an extremely wide range of cables, effectively maintaining an airtight, watertight seal around most types of cable, including lead or plastic jacketed, single or double systems, through-cable systems, preconnected and pressurized or nonpressurized systems.

Closure remains secure in overhead and underground applications, in hot, dry, warm, wet or cold environments.

The LOCKBAR fastener system features front and back bars that fit into the splice case flange.

The back bar has factory-assembly nuts and bolts attached, which mate up with the keyholes in the front bar.

Splice case shells are stainless steel with an inner liner of neoprene.

Fasteners are also stainless steel.

End plates are made from hard plastic and filled with a rigid polyurethane foam. Insulated torque bars keep the end plates secure and in alignment during installation and re-entry.

Available with inside diameters of 4 in., 6.5 in., 9.5 in. and 12.5 in.; two standard lengths and two extra-length stretch cases.

Holes in end plates need to be drilled with the power end plate cutter kit or can be ordered factory-drilled.


  • ARMADILLO Stainless Kits with Drillable End Plates
  • Inside Diameter (in.): 12.5
  • OA Length (in.): 28.4
  • Max. number of Pairs 26-24-22: 3,000

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