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SC APC Single mode Flat Splice - 3M No Polish Connector

3M Part No.: 8800-APCFS

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SC APC Single Mode Flat Spice - 3M No Polish Connector

The SC compatible connector consists of a factory-polished ceramic ferrule, fiber stub and a mechanical splice that is installed with a simple field tool. A bell-shaped boot is attached to the connector body, eliminating the chance of losing or forgetting to install the boot during the connection.†

3M No Polish Connectors enable fast, on-site installation utilizing a one piece, pre-assembled design that eliminates field polishing and loose parts.

With a factory-polished ferrule assembly and a mechanical splice, the connector can be quickly installed - without electrical power - using a simple field tool.

The unique, bell-shaped boot is attached to the connector body even during installation, so there is no need to worry about losing the boot or forgetting to install it first. After assembly, the bell feature maintains the minimum fiber bend radius for excellent strain relief.

The connector is qualified for premises and FTTP applications for all indoor and outdoor locations.

Product Data Sheet and Instruction:

Product Features:

  • Field Installation: Always right cable length with no cable slack to store
  • One piece, pre-assembled design: No small, loose parts
  • Simple assembly tool: Fast, easy installation
  • 900µm buffer strain relief: Excellent pull out strength
  • Fiber holder for assembly: Never need to touch bare fiber
  • Factory-polished fiber stub in ferrule: No on-site polish or adhesives required
  • Bell-shaped boot: Maintains minimum fiber bend radius


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