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ACEU-12V AC 90-240V input power adapter for FRM220, FIB1 and FMC series converters, EU 220V round pin

CTC Union Part No.: ACEU-12V

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Product description
ACEU-12V is power adapter with wide AC input 90~240V delivering 12V DC at 0.65Amps for a total power consumption of 7W.
AC plug is EU 220V two round pin style.

Solution is perfect for quick installation of any of the standalone versions of FRM220, FIB1 or FMC series of fiber media converters.
Same adapter can also be used for the IC series of serial converters.

This is a separate AC adapter. All our media converters: FMC, FRM220 or FIB1 series INCLUDE this AC adapter in their package.
The adapter is sold separately on this page as a back-up adapter for existing units.


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