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AEMC 2127.85 Model SP-6681 Cable Tester, Locator

Fosco Connect Part No.: SP-6681

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AEMC 2127.85 Model SP-6681 Cable Tester, Locator

The AEMC® SP-6681 Cable Tester (Catalog Number 2127.85) locates hidden cables, line breaks in walls or under a floor, metallic water pipes and heating radiators. It also detects short circuits, identifies circuit breakers and measures line voltage (12 to 300 VAC/DC). This portable cable testing system features a transmitter, with a self-test function and 125kHr output signal frequency, and receiver with a sensitive sensor and buzzer, operating in both single-pole and two-pole modes. Each has a large back-lit LCD, large keys and flashlight.

The SP-6681 cable locator set includes two units (transmitter and receiver), two 4mm red/black test leads, two alligator clips, two test probes, ground rod, 9V battery, 6x 1.5V AAA batteries, user manual and soft carry case. It is compliant with electrical safety standard EN 61010-1 and electromagnetic compatibility standard EN 61326-1.

AEMC 2127.85 Model 6681 Cable Locator Datasheet



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