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AFL 2900-58-0002MR APC-to-UPC OTDR Connector, Port Saver

Fosco Connect Part No.: 2900-58-0002MR

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AFL 2900-58-0002MR APC-to-UPC OTDR Connector, Port Saver

The AFL 2900-58-0002MR Field-Replaceable APC female (FlexScan-facing) to UPC male (fiber-facing) OTDR Connector is designed to protect ferrules from damage due to repeated mating. It converts APC port to UPC, installs in seconds and accepts tool-free, interchangeable FlexScan 2900-50 series SC, LC, FC, ST connector adapters. This Port Saver has ≤ 0.75 dB insertion loss and ≤ -45 dB reflectance. It raises the height of the connector adapter by 0.6 in (16 mm). A dust cap can be used as a protective cover with or without the adapter installed.

The AFL 2900-58-0002MR optical port ferrule saver is compatible with FlexScan FS200 or FS300 OTDR or TS100 FTTH PON Troubleshooter. Color-coded bands make port identification easy: GREEN - APC female FlexScan port, BLUE - UPC male Fiber port. Low-cost replacement eliminates costly and time-consuming factory repair.

AFL Field-Replaceable OTDR Connector(Port Saver) Datasheet



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