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AFL FOCIS-DUEL-U FOCIS Duel Connector Inspection Kit, LC/UPC

Fosco Connect Part No.: FOCIS-DUEL-U

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AFL FOCIS-DUEL-U FOCIS Duel Connector Inspection Kit, LC/UPC

The AFL FOCIS-DUEL-U Fiber Optic Connector Inspection Kit offers a self-contained, tether-free inspection scope with 2 ports, UPC adapter tips, Bluetooth connectivity and 2.4" color TFT LCD screen. The tester will inspect connectors on bulkhead adapters (Port 1) and patch cords (Port 2). With auto-focus and auto-centering, the first port is identical to FOCIS Flex. It performs IEC, IPC, AT&T, plus user-defined single and multi-fiber connector inspection. Pass/Fail results are displayed in seconds. Storage capacity is 10,000 files. The second port features female "click-in" adapters, auto-focus and 2X zoom in live mode. Snout and adapter tip slots eliminate loosening during operation. The FOCIS Flex App provides data management and access to cloud-based aeRos workflow automation platform.

The FOCIS-DUEL-U kit includes the main unit, LC/UPC bulkhead and ferrule adapter tips (2), One-Click cleaner, AC charger and soft carry case.

FOCIS Duel Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System Datasheet



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