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AFL FOCIS Lightning MPO APC W/MPO Clean Supply Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: FOCISLTNGA

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FOCIS Lightning is a multi-fiber connector inspection probe with integrated screen, designed specifically for the inspection of multi-fiber connectors and bulkheads such MPO and MTP®.

FOCIS Lightning performs industry standard and user-defined end-face cleanliness analysis at a rate of about 1 second per fiber. Lightning stores connector-level and individual fiber images, analysis, overlays, and zone tables locally and provides both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless links.

The AFL FOCIS app (iOS and Android) provides a comprehensive and user-friendly feature set as well as connectivity with AFL’s cloud-based aeRos® workflow automation platform.

  • Extremely fast multi-fiber auto-analysis for datacom and telecom inspection applications
  • Auto-focus and auto-centering for fast, easy inspection
  • USB plus optional Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity
  • IEC, IPC, AT&T, and user-defined auto-analysis
  • Self-contained, tether-free, compact, hand-held inspection solution
  • Keyless UPC & APC adapter tips work with both MPO-12 & MPO-16 connectors
  • Available with adapter tips supporting all commonly used multi-fiber connector types
  • Snout and adapter tip keys and slots eliminate loosening during normal operation
  • Single fiber adapter tips for LC connectors and bulkheads (UPC & APC) also available
  • Field replaceable NiMH battery lasts over six hours
  • AFL’s TRM PC software package enables MPO results reporting for desktop users
  • Available in a ‘No Wireless’ [NW] variant, which removes the Bluetooth and WiFi functionality for use in RF restricted facilities.


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