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AFL FOCIS-LTNG-U FOCIS Lightning MPO Inspection Kit w/UPC Tip

Fosco Connect Part No.: FOCIS-LTNG-U

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AFL FOCIS-LTNG-U FOCIS Lightning MPO Inspection Kit w/UPC Tip

The AFL FOCIS-LTNG-U FOCIS Lightning Multi-Fiber Inspection Kit, with a UPC adapter tip, is used for fast datacom and telecom automated inspections of MPO/MTP connectors (1 second per fiber). It features a 2.4" color backlit TFT display with brightness control, auto-focus and manual focus, auto-centering, zoom in live mode, WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connectivity. Pass/Fail inspection results - to industry standard (IEC, IPC, AT&T) or user-defined - are displayed in seconds. Compact tester can be paired with FlexScan. MPO-XLR8 mode provides compatibility with FOCIS Flex mobile App, plus access to cloud-based aeRos workflow automation platform. TRM PC software enables MPO results reporting for desktop users. This inspection system complies with UL, CE and FCC standards.

The FOCIS-LTNG-U kit comes with a UPC ferrule & bulkhead adapter tip, single fiber coupler, 2 One-Click MPO cleaners, AC charger and carry case.

AFL FOCIS Lightning Multi-Fiber Optic Connector Inspection System



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