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AFL FS200-100 Basic Kit FlexScan 1310/1550 OTDR with Visual Fault Locator UPC

Fosco Connect Part No.: FS200100BASP0W0UENGUS

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Pocket-sized, performance-packed, user friendly.

FLEXSCAN OTDRs enable both novice and expert technicians to quickly and reliably troubleshoot optical networks or fully characterize newly installed or repaired networks. Using FLEXSCAN's innovative SmartAuto mode, multiple OTDR scans quickly and accurately detect, locate, identify and measure network components and faults. After applying industry-standard or user-set pass/fail criteria, the characterized network is displayed using FLEXSCAN's intuitive, icon-based LinkMap® view.

FLEXSCAN automates test setup, shortens test time and simplifies results interpretation, improving efficiency and reducing the cost of test. Acquired results may be stored internally or externally. Internally stored results are easily accessed via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi.

With optional connector inspection, integrated source, power meter and VFL, FLEXSCAN offers an all in one solution, ensuring technicians have everything they need to locate and resolve optical network issues. Uploaded results may be viewed and reports may be generated using the included Windows compatible TRM® 2.0 Test Results Manager software.

  • Fast, accurate OTDR network characterization or fault location
  • OTDR testing plus Insertion Loss and Power measurements
  • Locate faults exceeding industry or user pass/fail thresholds
  • Visually pinpoint location of macro-bends or breaks inside cabinets and splice closures


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