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AFL OFI-200D Optical Fiber Identifier

Fosco Connect Part No.: OFI- 200D

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AFL OFI-200D Optical Fiber Identifier

The AFL OFI 200D Optical Fiber Identifier is a low-cost, high-tech approach to non-invasive fiber optic signal detection. Using a low-insertion loss, macro-detection technique, it discriminates signals without disrupting service or overstressing fiber. During installations, cutovers, maintenance and restoration, this device will identify optical fibers carrying normal traffic, a 2-kHz tone or if no signal is present (dark).

The OFI 200D fiber identifier comes in a soft-sided carrying pouch with instruction manual. It measures 1.1" x 1.5" x 8.5" and weighs 10 ounces with 9-volt alkaline battery. One-year warranty.

NSN 5120015747309

AFL OFI-200 Optical Fiber Identifier Datasheet



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