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AFL OFI-BIPM Optical Fiber Identifier With Power Meter


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The OFI-BI and OFI-BIPM are easy to use tools that determine if a fiber is live, the transmission direction, and the relative core power on standard and bend-insensitive single-mode fibers. Its positive stop plunger mechanism provides the right pressure to ensure proper detection while keeping loss to a minimum. The design ensures traffic will not be interrupted and fibers will not be damaged.

The OFI-BI fiber identifier eliminates the need to access the optical fiber at a connection or splice point eliminating the possibility of interrupting service to a valued customer. The OFI-BIPM model provides an integrated optical power meter for verification of power levels during installation or troubleshooting activities.

The universal head of these OFIs eliminates the need to change adapter heads for jacketed, coated, or ribbon fibers, making them extremely easy to use in the field. The touchscreen features provide simple to follow setup and clear to read results. OFI-BI and OFI-BIPM Optical Fiber Identifiers are warranted against defective material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery to the end-user.


  • World-class signal detection sensitivity
  • Trigger lock, positive stop for optimum detection
  • Integrated optical power meter option (-BIPM model only)
  • 2.4" color touchscreen with backlight
  • Optional ONU signal detect function - customer ONU wave profile must be provided
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