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AFL Rogue Quad Dual Engine OLTS Module MM 850/1300 nm

Fosco Connect Part No.: RG1100M01D

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ROGUE Dual Engine Turbo OLTS Module, MM 850/1300. ROGUE OLTS modules must be installed in either a ROGUE cB1 or ROGUE iB1 unit. Each module comes with a ROGUE OLTS Basic license allowing the OLTS module to be used in a ROGUE cB1 or iB1 and enabling basic aeRos OLTS functionality. Each module includes SC connector adapter for the OLTS/OLS ports and universal 2.5 mm adapters for the VFL and OPM (if installed) ports.


  • Tier 1 certification testing of premise/enterprise networks
  • Dual-fiber, dual-wavelength, unidirectional or bi-directional OLTS testing
  • Multi-fiber testing: loss, length, ORL, certification with one push of a button
  • View results and generate reports anywhere, anytime using aeRos
  • Integrated multi-wavelength, bi-directional MPO/multi-fiber testing using optional multi-fiber switch


  • Quad single-mode/multimode, Dual single-mode or Dual multimode
  • Hot-swappable into ROGUE cB1 or iB1 units
  • Use with aeRos cloud-based workflow management software
  • Integrated FOCIS Flex Inspection capability
  • Simultaneous, dual-wavelength, bi-directional loss and length testing through Dual Engine technology
  • Integrated Source, Power Meter and Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Built-in Encircled Flux compliance

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