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AFL TS100-70 FlexScan 1650nm FTTH PON Troubleshooter Pro Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: TS100-70-PRO-P2

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AFL TS100-70 FlexScan 1650nm FTTH PON Troubleshooter Pro Kit

The AFL FlexScan TS100-70 Professional Kit features the 1650nm filtered live PON troubleshooter and a FOCIS Flex auto-focusing connector inspection probe with IEC pass/fail analysis. It is used for testing through splitter up to 1:64 - to automatically detect, identify, and locate single-mode optical network issues, plus recommend corrective actions. The tester has an integrated VFL, power meter, light source, Bluetooth/WiFi, 4.3" LCD touchscreen, and 4 GB internal memory. With a dual-wavelength OPM, the optical troubleshooter will verify GPON, video and XG/XGS-PON or 10GEPON power levels. Maximum link loss is ≤23dB.

The TS100-70-PRO-P2-W1-ENG-US-SC/ASC-SC Pro kit includes the main unit, AC charger, battery, carry strap, USB cable, SC/2.5mm connector adapters, 150m SC/ASC fiber ring, 2.5mm One-Click cleaner, inspection probe, SC-UPC bulkhead tip, 2.5 mm UPC ferrule tip, soft case, and upgrade to TRM 3.0 Advanced software.



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