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American Polywater FiberKleen FC-KIT2 Kit

Fosco Connect Part No.: FC-KIT2

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Contains 2 DT-D50, 1 FC-2LP, 1 FC-PEN, and 1 SWB-250F100, all in a handy nylon bag.

Unique solvent blend cleans completely, leaves no residue, and evaporates quickly. No alcohol or water content means no streaking or residue.

FiberKleen™ towelette dispenser contains 50 lint-free, high-quality towels that are used to clean ferrules, bulkheads and fiber end faces. Keeps towels safe from contamination and easily fits into tool kits and bags—even your shirt pocket!

The engineered design of the specially non-woven, highly absorbent towel traps the dirt and debris removed from ferrules, making cleaning easier and more effective. Also available are 2.5 mm swabs for easy cleaning.

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