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Armored Launch Box Single Mode 9/125μm SC/UPC to SC/UPC, 500 Meters (Launch Cable)

Fosco Connect Part No.: PSA500YUYU

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The Fosco Armored Launch Box is a hand held passive optical component designed with high-quality armored fiber launch cables, used to occupy OTDR “Dead Zones “which enable accurate loss measurements on near-end and far-end connections of the fiber under test. An innovative solution to make installers activity more comfortable and practical.

  • Steel Armored Launch Box, Single Mode 9/125μm SC/UPC-SC/UPC
  • 500 meters Fiber
  • It can be held in the palm of one hand: four times smaller than standard launch boxes
  • 3mm armored external cable
  • Length can be easily adjusted by the user
  • Comes with a soft case with shoulder straps


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