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Tra-Con Fast Cure Epoxy Adhesive

Tra-Con Part No.: BAF120

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The item is packaged in a 2 gram rigid plastic tube separated by a leak-proof clamp (BIPAX).

Remove the clamp and mix right inside the BIPAX. This eliminates mix ratio errors with pre-measured resin and catalyst components.

This package will prepare approximately 25~30 connectors.
BAF120 is a two-part, medium viscosity adhesive developed for high performance fiber optic and optical bonding applications.

It is easily mixed and gels within minutes at room temperature for structural bonding applications where the combination of FAST CURE coupled with low shrinkage, good electrical insulation, and excellent mechanical properties is required.

BAF120 is solvent "free" and is recommended for bonding fiber optic, optical and laser industry specified materilas including DuPont PIFAX plastic core or glass cables, single or multichannel terminations and connectors, and many other plastic or metals components.

Successful applications include lens mounts, connector backfills, component assembly seals, and printed circuit board repairs.

This adhesive provides outstanding chemical resistance to a variety of ambient gases, solvents and solutions.

Download MSDS from here.



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