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Blue 12 Fiber SM Tactical Assy QFOCA Plug - Plug 100 feet

Fosco Connect Part No.: T3Q2PQ2PS100FISB4

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QFOCA Connectors are designed to the same MIL-PRF-83526/16 that Amphenol TFOCA II® are designed to.   

The QFOCA connectors are 100% interminable with all other options, i.e. TFOCA-II, DFOCA, GFOCA, and GenX. 

These connectors are designed to withstand repeated handling and mating cycles typically required for rapid fiber optic cable deployment and retrieval in a tactical environment.

QFOCA style connectors are the replacement for US Army and US Marine Corps legacy systems with TFOCA (AT&T) connectors.

It's a hermaphroditic design for Multimode or Singlemode fiber utilizing termini 2.5mm.

  • QFOCA is 100% interminable with TFOCA-II
  • 4-fiber Singlemode Assembly
  • Plugs are standard Key 1
  • Designed to MIL-PRF-83526
  • Hermaphroditic mating


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