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Bobcat 2 Active PON OTDR 1310/1550nm And 1625nm

Fosco Connect Part No.: OVRPON

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The Bobcat 2 is our newest high performance Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. The OVR has bright color touch screen, with 39dB dynamic range, power meter and cw light source along with video scope capability. Set test parameters on a single screen which then may be saved to the project management database. It displays results in standard trace, event table views or in Fib-R-Map schematic views. The OVR video scope uses IEC61300-3-35 measurement zones to allow for auto pass/fail grading of connector end faces. It supports remote virtual instrument operation over Bluetooth with our free Android application. This OTDR performs macro bend analysis and also provides trace data suitable to perform bidirectional analysis with the supplied certification software.

  • 39 dB Dynamic Range
  • Bright 4” Touch Screen
  • Available w/Active PON and 4 Channel CWDM
  • Fib-R-Map Schematic Event Analyzer
  • Project Management Database
  • Integrated Video Scope, Optional
  • IEC61300-3-35 Auto Center/Pass/Fail Video Scope
  • Free Android App for Bluetooth Operation
  • Dual Trace Capability, Macro Bend Analysis
  • Power Meter, CW/Identifier Source Included
  • Quick Charge Lithium-Ion Battery w/12 hour Operation

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