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Cable Prep FOC-300 Fiber Cable Cutter/ Kevlar Scissors

Fosco Connect Part No.: FOC-300

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Cable Prep FOC-300 Fiber Cable Cutter/ Kevlar Scissors

The Cable Prep® FOC-300 Fiber/ Kevlar Scissors, with a large radial cutting notch, are designed to cut fiber cable, individual fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass strength member, phone and data wire, plus other soft copper or aluminum wire. An integrated cable cutter works for all varieties of fiber optic cable, including loose tube and bonded fibers. The spring-loaded tool has rust-resistant, high-grade stainless-steel blades. The lower serrated blade grips material and prevents sliding.

The FOC-300 cutting tool comes with a ribbed handle, safety lock that keeps it closed when not in use, serrated lock washer, and adjustable lock nut for tightening. A hole in the front handle allows for carabiner attachment.

Note: NOT recommended for wire larger than 6 gauge. NOT for steel.

Warning: This tool is NOT protected against electric shock and should NOT be used on live electrical circuits.

Cable Prep FOC-300 Fiber/Kevlar Scissors Datasheet



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