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Cable Raider Tool

Fosco Connect Part No.: 7075CR

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Hours of tedious manual work can now be eliminated. Exact high precision slitting of fiber optic cables is now a reality with the daily use of the Cable Raider™ tool for slitting armored and non-armored fiber optic cables.


Use caution when using the Cable Raider™ RCT. It is recommended that only the low speed of the drill be used. As with any motorized tool, safety must be practiced. You must keep your free hand clear and away from the rotation of the drill head and the rip cord. Severe injury can occur if the drill motor speed is too high and your free hand is put into the direction of the rotating tool. The rip cord can cause severe injury to the hands and fingers if these safety tips are not followed.

  • Provides High Precision Slitting of Fiber Optic Cables
  • Works with Armored and Non-Armored Cables


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