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Cementex ESY-1-3X5K 1000V Electroshield Kit, Class 0, 3'x5'

Fosco Connect Part No.: 278X160

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Cementex ESY-1-3X5K 1000V Electroshield Kit, Class 0, 3'x5'

The Cementex ESY-1-3X5K Insulating Kit features a shielding rubber material, designed to protect personnel, equipment and work areas from electrical hazards. Rated to 1000V, it meets ASTM D178-88 Type 2 standards. It is flame, oil, ozone and puncture resistant, flexible to -40°F and will not melt. Use clamp set to secure material to work surface. Also clamp material sides together when wrapped around transmission lines to prevent falling or blowing off workspace which could cause electrocution.

The ESY-1-3X5K class 0 insulating shielding material kit contains a 3' x 5' roll of yellow rubber shielding material, two clamps and a carry/ storage bag. The bag has Velcro closure strips and handles.

Note:  This item requires Certification Testing by the manufacturer and could take 3 to 5 business days to ship.

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