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Cementex IG0-11-8.5-BLK 1000V Insulating Gloves, Size 8.5

Fosco Connect Part No.: 278X308

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Cementex IG0-11-8.5-BLK 1000V Insulating Gloves, Size 8.5

The Cementex IG0-11-8.5-BLK High Voltage Rubber Gloves, with rolled cuffs and non-slip base, are designed to protect against electrical shock. Rated to 1000V, the Class 0 size 8.5 electrical insulating gloves have been tested for: 5000 max test AC voltage, 20,000 max test DC voltage, 1000 max use AC voltage and 1500 max use DC voltage per IEC 903. They are extremely flexible and provide the best dexterity. Dust hands and gloves with talc (278x173, sold separately) to absorb moisture and perspiration, protect hands and prevent sticky gloves.

These durable gloves are dielectrically tested in accordance with OSHA Standard 1910.137 (b)(2)(xii). 11" long, size 8.5. One-year warranty.

Note: This item requires Certification Testing by the manufacturer and could take 3 to 5 business days to ship.

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